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Dog Grooming Tools

Do you really 

want to be

a groomer ?

The question is 

Work experience training courses that will help you decide & be certified 

First lets talk some not so cute and fancy facts on what dog grooming  REALLY is about, so sorry but yes we are going to talk about the 'NOT SO GLAMOROUS' side to grooming dogs & cats, its the LIST of YUKS and it streams like this... do you really want to pick up dog poo and pee from not only the floor but from the grooming table? Wash dirty dog bottoms and clean out gooey ears and eyes ? Be at risk of getting bitten, snarled at, or deal with a dog that just wont co-operate with you not even to stand up, one that will cry and bark the entire time its in the salon, one full of anxiety and stress who also puts you under stress, are you physically strong enough to handle a dog that will fight with you every paw of the way and will you be able to carry a medium to large dog who may be over-weight and  heavy? That's the question, oh and did I tell you its usually 6 hours a day, 5-6 days per week!.  I can keep going on the LIST of YUKS  but I think you get it, right?


Now with all that out of the way and it's still a YES you really do want to be a pet groomer because YOU will  enjoy and love working with dogs to beautify them as a dog groomer







  1. ​Medicpet Pet First Aid - (short online course) by GroomerNation

  2. 100 HOURS Prior Learning in Pet Grooming by Paws In Paradise


Additional Accredited Courses (optional)

 Once completed Paws In Paradise will register you're prior learning with the following course facilitators to fast track your accreditation reducing time and costs (cost of the below courses paid by students) 

  • Certificate 11 in Pet Grooming (ACM30617)

  • Certificate 11 in Animal Studies (ACM20117)

  • Certificate 111 in Pet Grooming (ACM30612)



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Don't pay $8,000, $6,000 or $5,000

Let’s Work & Learn Together

Complete the form below to receive an INFORMATION PACK  on our 6 week courses 

2023 Course Commencement Dates  - FULLTIME  (6 Weeks)

Monday  2nd May - April -13 June  

Monday 20 June - 1 August  

Monday 7 August -18 September

Monday 2 October - 13 November

2023 Course Commencement Dates  PARTTIME (16 Weeks) 

Saturday only  6 May -26 August

Saturday only  26 August  -16 December 

 NOTE: intake is only four (4)  students for full-time or one (1) student for part-time.

Payments: Course to be paid  in full on registration. We accept AFTERPAY payments


Please tell us in the message box which course you are interested in full or part time . 

Thanks for submitting!
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