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Patience is key.

You may wonder why dog grooming takes time. Grooming can be a lengthy process. It includes an initial cut or brush out, a warm bath & massage, a blow dry, detailed brush and de-shed, a finishing haircut & style, nail clip & ear clean.

Sometimes the lengthiest part of this process is the dog's behaviour and tolerance of being handled and groomed.

Our team are trained in positive reinforcement training and handling. We do not like to stress out the animals in our care and practice gentle grooming. This technique is where we patiently work with the dogs to groom at their comfortable pace and provide breaks and lots of cuddles.

We call this process, "Riding The Wave". We appreciate everyone's understanding on the time frames we require. Your groomer is always doing their best.


At Aloha, every towel is washed and disinfected after every use. A warm, dry towel is provided for each dog after every bath. A dog's favourite part of getting wet is the massage towel dry!


Our clients will enjoy a massage spa with our carefully selected gorgeous Strawberry Shampoo. It's natural Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Witch Hazel extract, Glycerine and Wild Strawberry fragrance leaves your pup clean and fresh without stripping natural oils.

After two shampoos we lather with our favourite Luxurious Coconut Conditioning Treatment with a proprietary blend of Australian Olive Oil with Vitamin (E) and Minerals.

Finishing with a spray of Coconut Oil based fragrance for that long lasting smell.

All products are Biodegradable, Soap Free, Natural and pH Balanced for animals.

Our promise to you...

At Aloha K9 Services your fur-baby will receive personalised care and treatment. We are a positive reinforcement salon, treating all dogs with respect and love (aloha).

As dog parents ourselves we know the feeling of leaving your pet, we promise to treat them as if they were our own.

Our Charity,
Pink Paw Program.


The Pink Paw Program was first established in 2014. Our program educate and support dog owners who have adopted a rescue companion or in the unfortunate case of looking to surrender their pet.

We provide free dog training support to communities, adopters and schools to help all dogs stay within their forever home.


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Opening Hours

Open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4pm

Saturday 8:30am - 3pm

3a/1 Tibbing St, Nerang, Gold Coast

Phone: 0461 363 088

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